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Volga Hotel conference hall

The Volga Hotel offers services of carrying out round tables and conferences in Kazan.

It is customary to prepare conferences in Kazan with the utmost care, it is necessary to be scrupulous in choosing a venue of conference. The Volga Hotel rents out a conference hall and a meeting room.

In case of need the Hotel administration can provide the client with all necessary equipment for carrying out conferences, such as TV, video player, DVD player, magnet board, flipchart, screen.

The Volga Hotel has two conference halls with a seating capacity of up to 50 persons, as well as a meeting room for 6 persons. Advantage of carrying out conferences or round tables in our hall is neighborhood with the Volga Restaurant, where conference guests can enjoy dainty dishes and have a rest. Besides, nonresident round table participants can book a room in the Volga Hotel without leaving the building.

Conference hall rent in Kazan, the Volga Hotel:

No. Type of service Measurement unit Price, ruble/hour (VAT inclusive)


Conference hall rent
1 hour
1 hour (rent from 2 to 6 hours) 500
1 hour (rent from 7 hours and more)450


Conference hall rent with a flipchart, 2 screens, a flip chart paper.
1 hour
1 hour (rent from 2 to 6 hours) 600
1 hour (rent from 7 hours and more)550
2 Meeting room rent 1 hour 300
2 hours 300
3 hours and more 250

100% advance payment is made for confedernce hall and meeting room rent.

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